Group Dancing

Parties are often a place where large groups of people dance together. Many dances have been invented for groups to enjoy. The Conga Line is still popular at home parties and family events such as weddings. Complete strangers can grab the waist of the person in front of them and join the dance. Long Conga lines are a fun way to enjoy dancing in a group without knowing complex routines. The repeating beat adds to the ease of the dance as well as the fun.

The Hustle was a very popular dance half a century ago. When the music began, people would flood the dance floor. It was an amazing sight to see people that were perfect strangers helping each other to keep up with the steps of this type of dancing. While the Hustle had a series of repeating steps, it was much more complicated than the Conga and is seldom heard today.

There are still popular group dances being learned and performed today. Line dancing to country music has become enormously popular. People can go to a bar, enjoy a few drinks and dance without the bother of finding a partner. They can relax and participate in a group activity. It is considered a fun way to spend an evening with friends rather than a date.

The latest group dance is a form of Salsa. Afro mambo has become a popular group dance in areas where many people learn it in exercise class. The steps are relatively easy to perform and the rhythm is fast and fun. Getting through an entire dance is often a challenge between friends.