The Health Benefits of Dancing

There are a number of physical benefits to dancing. Enhancing cardio efficiency is just one of many benefits derived from this pleasant activity. Continual movement is one way to increase blood flow throughout the body. This helps improve circulation as well as raising the heart rate of the participants. If done often, the resting heart rate of the body is lowered to a healthy level.

Obesity has become a notable health problem in recent years. It has often led people to become diabetic as they age. Keeping weight down has been constantly touted as a way to avoid type 2 diabetes. Diet has been a constant battle for many. While formal exercise is also a battle, losing weight while dancing is seen as fun rather than a chore. Losing weight and keeping it off is easier when people are involved in dancing on a regular basis.

Health officials have encouraged many people to walk for exercise. It is unfortunate that many people do not take advantage of this type of exercise. Dangerous city streets are often a place of fear for modern people. They worry about muggers, stray dogs and being hit by vehicles. These are real fears for much of the population around the world. Dancing is an alternate way for people to get the same type of exercise as walking without the drawbacks.

While there are many physical benefits to dancing, there are also social benefits. Dancing is not normally done alone. Participating in this activity as a member of a group leads to new social contacts. Even if people only associate while dancing, it is another outlet for them to connect with others. They may even form friendships over time. This helps keep people from experiencing depression and feelings of isolation and loneliness.